Richard Taylor has been raising poultry for over 30 years. The poultry side of the farm operation started with meat chickens, and a few years later a small turkey flock for freshly slaughtered Thanksgiving turkeys. Over the years the bird flocks have grown just a bit. The farm remains a small operation with less than a 1000 birds per year.



We raise large broad breasted white turkeys for the fall. The flock is realtively small around 225 birds for the year. Turkeys arrive at the local post office a day after hatching. The post office calls letting us know that that chicks are in the office. I guess sorting the mail to few 100 chirping chicks isn't exactly relaxing? We are excited to get them home and in the brooder. The birds are fed turkey starter feed for the first few weeks before transitioning them to ground feed. The ground feed is mostly ground corn and soybean. When the birds are sizable they are introduced to the outside pasture. Where they can eat grass and insects.